Resolving Children’s Issues

Effective resolutions to children’s issues involve applying legislation to individual family situations that best protect the interests of children. The law allows you and your former partner to work out some issues, but other issues have laws in place to protect children.

The goal of the courts is to make sure children’s best interests are the basis of decisions resulting from separation or divorce proceedings. At Carriere Law Office, my goal is to make sure you and your partner reach a fair solution that gives your children the support and care they need and deserve.

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Children’s Issues

  • Child Support
  • Parenting time, decision making responsibility, and contact

Family Law Agreements
Property Division
Spousal Support

Drafting Effective Family Law Agreements

Generally speaking, one way couples adhere to a divorce order or separation agreement is to decide on the terms themselves. Domestic contracts provide couples with a means to decide their affairs whether they are in a common-law relationship or married.

At my law firm, Carriere Law Office, I have helped couples who are living together, about to be married, or deciding to separate or divorce, draft an agreement on how to divide their shared property and assets. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, my support focuses on a fair and logical division.

Dividing Property Between Parties

Certain property, such as the matrimonial home, has specific legislation that outlines how it gets divided between former partners. For other types of property, such as bank accounts, investments, cars or other household items, and household debts, it can be trickier to agree on a fair and even distribution of the assets.

If you or your spouse owns a business solely or in partnership, separating property can become extremely complex.

My name is Brian Carriere and I understand how difficult it can be to walk away from, or part with, property that has become a part of your life. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, I have supported recently separated individuals by helping them fairly divide their property while protecting their needs and interests

Determining Spousal Support Entitlements And Obligations

After seeking a divorce or separation, many former couples want to receive some sort of spousal support. Spousal support is not an automatic right. The need for financial support has to be proven in order to receive payments. There also has to be an ability for the payor to pay.

My name is Brian Carriere. As a family lawyer, I help people living in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding cities evaluate their financial status after the breakdown of a relationship, and whether or not they are entitled to any type of support.

Children’s Issues

Family Law Agreement

Property Division

Spousal Support

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