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A Life-Long Dedication To Supporting Families

My name is Brian Carriere. I have spent my life in the service of helping people, most recently as a family lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta.
My passion of supporting individuals started with a career in the Canadian Armed Forces, spanning 20 years, partly as a military nurse. Witnessing death and other tragedies moved me to understand people on a more compassionate level.

After advocating and caring for patients, I realized I wanted to do more to help individuals deal with the struggles that life can bring. I decided to use my experiences to more effectively advocate for people and families and opened my family law firm, Carriere Law Office.

Ethical Resolutions To Domestic Disputes

Nobody should be taken advantage of when it comes to family matters. My firm is dedicated to finding the best solution for you and your former partner to part ways peacefully while protecting your legal rights and best interests.

Carriere Law Office helps families resolve their domestic disputes regarding divorce and separation, as well as:

  • Marriage and cohabitation agreements
  • Spousal support and entitlements
  • Parenting time, decision making responsibility, contact and support
  • Division of property and accounts
  • Contact for grandparents
  • Emergency Protection Orders and Restraining Orders

Direct Advice.
Reasonable Options.

When couples separate or divorce, they want to know:

  • What process they need to follow
  • What they are entitled to
  • How the process will affect their family

I waste no time in letting you know how a judge is likely view your situation in comparison with the opposing party. Once you know the reality of your situation, I will advise you on ways to pursue what you want, or as close to it as possible.

If your situation is not ideal, I will help you focus on a more reasonable goal. If the opposing party is not willing to compromise or does not act in the best interests of any children involved, I will continue to fight for an outcome that is as fair to you as possible.

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Compassion combined with strong family values is what makes Carriere Law Office dedicated to finding the best solution for you.
Find out how I can help you resolve your domestic legal matter. Send me an email or call Carriere Law Office at 780-478-4505