Children's Issues

Resolving Children’s Issues

Effective resolutions to children’s issues involves applying legislation to individual family situations that best protect the interests of children. The law allows you and your former partner to work out some issues, but other issues have laws to in place to protect children.

The goal of the courts is to make sure children’s best interests are the basis of decisions resulting from separation or divorce proceedings. At Carriere Law Office, my goal is to make sure you and your partner reach a fair solution that gives your children the support and care they need and deserve.

Protecting Children’s Interests

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, my firm provides advice to parents on the legal issues regarding parenting after separation, usually in support of the maximum contact principle, if possible. This includes:

  • The days and holidays each parent gets to spend with their children
  • Who is allowed to make decisions pertaining to their children
  • Where their children gets to live
  • The financial obligations of each parent to their children

I will aim to make sure the arrangements you make are:

  • Reasonable
  • In the children’s best interests
  • Supported with fair and logical arguments that can be supported in law, should the matter go to court

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