Family Law Agreements

Drafting Effective Family Law Agreements

Generally speaking, one way couples adhere to a divorce order or separation agreement is to decide on the terms themselves. Domestic contracts provide couples with a means to decide their affairs whether they are in a common-law relationship or married.

At my law firm, Carriere Law Office, I have helped couples who are living together, about to be married, or deciding to separate or divorce, draft an agreement on how to divide their shared property and assets. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, my support focuses on a fair and logical division.

Dividing Your Assets

Domestic contracts, also known as family law agreements, are divided into three main categories:

  • Marriage Contract (prenuptial agreement): allows a couple to divide their property and assets except for the matrimonial home, and any child custody or child support arrangements.
  • Cohabitation Agreement: applies to unmarried couples who have lived together in a domestic relationship. Once a couple marries, a cohabitation agreement can become a marriage contract.
  • Separation Agreement: applies to unmarried couples who live together, but have separated.

Enforcing Family Law Agreements

My goal is to inform you of how to incorporate provisions to protect you, while also being fair and lawful. I will anticipate clauses that might be challenged down the road and advise on how to enforce them.

In addition to family law agreements, I will also provide legal advice and support in order to have your Minutes of Settlement and any other divorce documents, finalized.

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