Property Division

Dividing Property Between Parties

Certain property, such as the matrimonial home, has specific legislation that outlines how it gets divided between former partners. For other types of property, such as bank accounts, investments, cars or other household items, and household debts, it can be trickier to agree on a fair and even distribution of the assets.

If you or your spouse owns a business solely or in partnership, separating property can become extremely complex.

My name is Brian Carriere and I understand how difficult it can be to walk away from, or part with, property that has become a part of your life. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, I have supported recently separated individuals by helping them fairly divide their property while protecting their needs and interests.

Protecting Your Rights With Reasonable Solutions

Fears over losing your home, giving away half of your savings or being left holding all the accrued debt often come up during settlement negotiations.

It’s important to remember that reaching a settlement is not about you and your partner agreeing on all the terms of the separation or divorce. It’s about what a judge will interpret as a fair decision based on the current laws. If you don’t find an agreement logical, it’s likely a judge will see it the same way.

A Step-By-Step Analysis Of Your Matter

You and your former partner may agree right away on how to divide your shared property. In other cases, it can be difficult for both parties to come to an agreement.

My goal is to evaluate each shared property and determine what works best for you. I will present and explain my analysis, identify your options and let you decide whether it’s realistic or reasonable.

Carriere Law Office will make sure you have solid arguments that support your rights to a reasonable entitlement of the property you wish to maintain. If the case heads to trial, we’ll show we have strong grounds to make your case with supporting facts.

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