Spousal Support

Determining Spousal Support Entitlements And Obligations

After seeking a divorce or separation, many former couples want to receive some sort of spousal support. Spousal support is not an automatic right. The need for financial support has to be proven in order to receive payments. There also has to be an ability for the payor to pay.

My name is Brian Carriere. As a family lawyer, I help people living in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding cities evaluate their financial status after the breakdown of a relationship, and whether or not they are entitled to any type of support.

Married Couples And Common-Law Spouses

Spousal support, generally speaking, is payment from one ex-partner to another following a separation or divorce. Adult Interdependent Partner Support is the term for one ex-common-law partner receiving payment from the other.
Both cases stem from the same principles:

  • An imbalance of income-earning power, such as when one spouse puts his or her career on hold for the benefit of the other.
  • Whether or not there will be a significant change to the quality of life for the other spouse.

My goal is to provide you with a legal argument outlining how your needs and rights will be impacted by the separation or divorce, and then pursue a sufficient means of support.

Evaluating Your Needs

At Carriere Law Office, my focus is to help you find closure on legal matters after a separation or divorce. Together, we will evaluate all of your needs and factor them into a fair spousal support application that protects your interests.

Whether you are seeking support or may be required to make payments, I will make sure you are clear on:

  • What the possible range of payments may be
  • How long they will continue
  • Possible tax implications
  • Enforcement legislation

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