A Child Has Two Parents, Even If They’re Separated

a little girl giving her food to her father

We all have friends who are very nice people – except where their ex-spouses are concerned. Then the bitterness of a harsh separation wins out, and the best thing for them both is to stay well away from each other. But many spouses are also parents. Can either spouse make their child stay well away…

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After the agreement: How to resolve disputes when sharing custody

a little boy with a teddy looking at his parents fighting

Reaching an agreement regarding custody is a significant accomplishment for parents. This agreement sets a foundation for building a new normal as parents move from raising children together to raising them separately. However, issues can still arise, even in the most amicable and stable custody situations. Rather than let an argument or disagreement destroy everything,…

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How is child support calculated in Alberta?

a cute little boy lying down on the toys

Supporting a child after parental divorce or separation is a responsibility for every parent. Unfortunately, this issue can become quite contentious when parents disagree on how much child support should be. If you are a parent going through a breakup and facing the possibility of paying child support, you should know that there are guidelines to…

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Is it time to change up your child custody arrangement?

a man carrying her daughter on the shoulder

Over time, people change. Kids grow up; parents start new jobs; families move; people experience changes in their health. These changes can affect numerous aspects of our lives, and adjusting to them can be tricky. For instance, for parents who share custody of their child, changes in your circumstances could also warrant a modification of…

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